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Our 1-on-1 Sessions are designed for the particular needs of the participants.


Sessions are scheduled throughout the year and at the convenience of each participant.


1-on-1 Sessions are intended for participants who desire to work on specific aspects of the language learning or for those participants who have time constrains due to their work or activities.

Most of our participants select the 1-on-1-package option because of their work schedules or their interest in working a particular aspect of their foreign language learning.

Participants interview with the instructors and they design a customized program in conjunction with ISC the Language Institute Coordination.

The cost of our 1-on-1 Sessions is Nalf 1,500 for a total of 10 hours.


Due to its flexibility, these sessions can be scheduled at the participants’ convenience and times.

1-on-1 Language Packages (at participant's convenience)

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